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CASPAN – Creating an Adult Support Platform and Network

Learning Partnership Aug 2012 - July 2014



Scottish Wider Access Programme West  Access Consortium,Glasgow, Scotland

Poe Educo, spol. s r. o. Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

Formare Studia, Iaşi , Romania

Admissions, Administrateur de Compétences, Neuilly sur Seine Cedex, France

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Francisco Giner de lost Rios, Alcobendas, Spain

Mersin Bozyazı Halk Eğitimi Merkezi, Mersin, Turkey


Official web site of the project: http://poe.cz/index.php?file=projekty-eu/caspan 


Targer Group: Volunteers that will act as sources of information for other adults


Project Manager: Angela Sava

Coordinator of Mentoring Activities: Teodora Ruginosu 


Activities:- Training for mentors

-  Case studies

-  Sharing of lessons and experience through the mobilities 

-  Final publication, for wide dissemination to highlight the success of the project


Target group selection:

The application form will be sent until 15 september 2012. The application form in available in romanian language.


First project meeting

Paris, France - 26.08-1.09.2012




Ostrava, Czech Republic - 24-28.06.2013



Bozyazi, Turkey - 23-31.08.2013



Rothesay, Scotland - 25.02-1.03.2014


Madrid, Spain - 29.06-3.07.2014




Activities with the target group







Presenting the project at Iasi NGO Festival - FOI december 2014


Final session of the project - the final meeting of CASPAN Club members for handing out the diplomas, awarding the FOTO MARATON contest winner and some last activities together.





Caspan brochure - activities and results first year of implementation - view  RO   EN

Caspan brochure - activities and results second year of implementation - view  RO   EN

Caspan final brochure - partnership activities - view  EN

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News & Events

2017-08-24 -

2016-01-13 - The Art of Mentoring training package

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FORMARE STUDIA is inviting you to participate in a training course on mentoring.


The Art of Mentoring training package contains three courses that addresses to adults from European countries that desire to learn and experience the magic of mentoring, in order to increase their ability to address other’s needs and be source of motivation for future (formal/non-formal) education or training for adults.
- The Mentor training course
- The Facilitator/trainer for Mentor training course
- The Mentoring Program Manager training course

Working language: ENGLISH

horloges imitatie

Target group: teachers (from secondary to higher education), researchers, managers and project, managers (from businesses to NGO’s), employees, trainers, youth workers, etc.


2015-07-10 - Intalnire cu mentorii si discipolii din proiectului FORMULA

Sambata, 11 iulie 2015, ora 10 la Scoala Primara "Hansel und Gretel", Iasi, Sos. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant nr 4.


Evenimentul reuneste  mentori si discipoli ai  nbsp;proiectului FORMULA 527914-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP cu scopul de a evalua impactul proiectului la 6 luni de la finalizare.

2014-06-22 - Curs de Dezvoltare Personala

Pregatim o nou grupa de cursanti pentru Cursul de Dezvoltare Personala

Va asteptam cererile de inscriere cu drag pe email: formarestudia@gmail.com

Informatii suplimentare se pot obtine de la Tel: 0746320985

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2013-10-20 - Curs de Mentorat - Proiect FORMULA

Selectie cursanti pentru curs de mentorat in proiectul FORMULA

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