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 “Education makes the difference”

Principles on which our work is based are:
           • Optimizing the quality level of our services;
           • Maintaining and strengthening the trust of our beneficiaries;
           • Promptitude in providing services;
           • Loyalty towards our partners.


Development Education and Democracy Department : builds capacity within the formal and informal education sectors.As an organization who’s focus is promoting education, Formare STUDIA is trying to get involved in promoting education for development and active citizenship also, as  this is a major feature of adult education. Formare STUDIA is also an authorised supplier of  high standard professional training programs thus possessing a large experience in training and lifelong learning programs.


We feel that the area of active citizenship and development  is an area that has hardly been tackled  and there is a great need for improvement and we are keen on  encouraging adults involvement as active citizens.  


It is important to bring adults in lifelong learning programs in contact with active participation and support their learning about the rights and responsibilities as active citizens in the global fight for development, peace, poverty reduction and social inclusion through quality programs such as this workshop, that will be delivered respecting all the quality standards .

Human Resources

The association members are teachers in universities and schools, national trainers, ARACIP experts - external evaluators, auditors in the field of quality, known in the community as excellent teachers and leaders, with results in teaching activity, in mentoring and business management as adult trainers and evaluators of quality at national level.


FORMARE STUDIA Association was founded in October 2007 to support people with special education needs.

We organize activities in line  with  our objectives and  the available resources. Thus, the association is authorized for the following specialized programs: Quality Audit, Professional Competence Evaluator, Trainer, Mentor, Project Manager.

By organizing these programs we facilitate access to education for all adults wishing to acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies.


To accomplish the mission and achieving the organization’s objectives, the management team is directly involved in ensuring that we meet their expectations or our beneficiaries, in compliance with laws and regulations in force and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.


To increase the quality of our services, we develop partnerships with educational institutions in the country and abroad, organizing debates, symposiums, conferences, seminars and activities of non-formal education.


The activities of the organization are notable by seriousness,  new and attractive methods specific in working with adults.


News & Events

2016-01-13 - The Art of Mentoring training package

FORMARE STUDIA is inviting you to participate in a training course on mentoring.

The Art of Mentoring training package contains three courses that addresses to adults from European countries that desire to learn and experience the magic of mentoring, in order to increase their ability to address other’s needs and be source of motivation for future (formal/non-formal) education or training for adults.
- The Mentor training course
- The Facilitator/trainer for Mentor training course
- The Mentoring Program Manager training course

Working language: ENGLISH and FRENCH

Target group: teachers (from secondary to higher education), researchers, managers and project, managers (from businesses to NGO’s), employees, trainers, youth workers, etc.

More details on: http://www.formarestudia.ro/?content=103

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2015-07-10 - Meeting with mentors and mentees of FORMULA project

Saturday, 11 july 2015, 10 o'clock at Hansel und Gretel Primary School, Iasi.

The event gathers mentors and mentees of FORMULA project 527914-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP aiming to evaluate the impact of the project at 6 months from its finish. 

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2013-03-12 - FORMULA

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18-19 MAY 2013, IASI, ROMANIA


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2013-03-12 - CASPAN

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